Sustainability & Circularity

Let us be frank. Reusing IT does not save the planet. But it is also not just a drop in the sea and has more significance for the environment and the climate than, for example, glass recycling and low-energy lamps, which most people probably think are obvious things to do today.

You know that when you make new computers, mobile phones and other gadgets, you consume lots of energy, raw materials, water, chemicals and more. And it requires transportations around the world, from the mine to the factory and finally to the consumer. An ordinary computer, for example, consumes 1.8 tonnes (!) of raw materials to manufacture, even though it only weighs a few kilos in the end.


Less e-waste

If more IT equipment is saved from recycling (hurray, less e-waste!) and instead reused, the need for new production decreases. It’s good for the environment and for us. Maybe you have heard the term circular economy? It’s about utilizing products, materials and raw materials longer to better manage the planet’s resources. Here is were reuse and the second hand market becomes a vital component.

Reusing IT products can also be translated into carbon dioxide equivalents (CO2e): if you let us reuse say ten of your used computers, your climate footprint will be reduced by over half a ton of carbon dioxide. It corresponds to the energy to heat two to three apartments – for a whole year! Not too shabby. Add printers, screens and mobiles to multiply the environmental benefits.


UN climate goals

But there is also a social aspect that is at least as important. Your old IT gadgets are needed by others in the community and often end up in a school somewhere. Most schools do not have the financial ability to buy new computers to all students. Reusing is the key to give future generations good digital tools.

Not only that. The IT and electronics industry is quite dirty and many people get treated badly in different parts of the manufacturing chain. It is about child labor, slave labor in mines to finance wars, health-threatening working environments and poor working conditions, to name a few abuses. In our current disposable society, everything will just continue, but if we consumers make sure to use things longer, if we sell what we do not need, buy more used and share the products, we at the same time put pressure on the entire industry to become better and take their responsibility. Action often speaks louder than words.

Reuse has a lot of explosive power and has a positive impact in several ways. You have probably heard of the UN’s 17 global climate targets, and we are tapping into three important areas by extending the lifespan of gadgets: Good education for all (Objective 4), Clean water and sanitation (Objective 6) and Sustainable consumption and production (Objective 12).


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